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“Korn-Grimani describes not only suffering she had to endure, but how she succeeded in overcoming it…I am sure that Sonia’s Song will touch the hearts of many readers.” -Elie Wiesel
"...A sensitive narrative, a remarkable analysis of a family torn apart."  -Serge Karlsfeld
"In  Sonia’s Song,  Korn-Grimani  grants future generations the opportunity to experience a personal connection with history… people will be able to see a face, hear a voice, and observe a life.” -Steven Spielberg
“Sonia Korn-Grimani has told the story of courage and the incredible indomitable spirit of a mother who refused to have her children become victims... As a Holocaust survivor, myself, I lived many moments of this powerful tale. The sights, sounds, and smells were very real.” -Congressman Tom Lantos
Ellen Wookey gives a 5-heart review at Addicted to Novels. She writes "I felt part of Sonia‘s life while reading... I balled my eyes out... There are many photographs in Sonia’s Song that brings the book so much closer to reality as you get to know each new person and place."

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Author's interview- Sonia discusses writing Sonia's Song on the blog Addicted to Novels.

Sonia on Standford radio program: Entitled Opinions (In French) Also available via direct download.

Review: French version of Sonia's Song.

Article by Carolyn Jones of the San Francisco Chronicle

"Sonia’s Song is the complex, true history of one refugee who triumphs over all odds...As current events demonstrate so painfully, amid the chaos of war, ethnic bloodshed, and the mass relocation of people, there are no easy answers; morality, inner strength, and the fundamental convictions of individuals are all tested severely. For Sonia Korn-Grimani, a childhood of tragedy, sadness and dislocation was to demonstrate early how even seemingly decent upstanding citizens, even those honored later for their wartime "heroism" may not be all they seem. Yet Sonia was able to draw on the inner strength amassed during those horrific years, overcoming early adversity to take her doctorate and develop a musical career that brought her worldwide reputation and high government honors from her adoptive country, France. In  Sonia’s Song, she looks back on the world of several decades ago with rare moral clarity and perspectives that challenge us to look into our hearts and out at the world around us today--a world that has, in some ways, much in common with that terrible moment in history." -Robert Sheppard